New Game Announcement!

Hi there. Shaz here, one of the three creators of BFF or Die. Just wanted to let you know that I’m working on a new co-op game! Click below to find out more about my hospital themed game called… Co OPERATION: MultiTurn


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You and your friends are graduating from the prestigious Intergalactic Time Academy. No time for partying though as your first mission awaits! The Orbees are all missing. Yes, those curious little beings made of energy who power our time-tech are nowhere to be fou… no, wait! We have a faint trace on their signal. Are you brave enough to rescue them?

Prepare yourself for unknown dangers. If you find some of the Orbees they might equip your Space-Time Machine with new tech. Decide who is in charge of each gadget and combine your abilities to discover the best strategies.

Use cunning, comradeship and co-operation to survive and never forget the Academy motto: “BFF or Die!”

The press pack for BFF or Die is here

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